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Being in the medical field can be very challenging and trying to provide accurate written documentation for every patient is difficult at best. However, it is a very important part of every patient’s ongoing medical care and is something that must be handled on a daily basis. The vast majority of doctors do not have the time to sit down at night and transcribe their notes and patient record entries, nor do they have the income to hire a full time transcriptionist of their own. To make this herculean task manageable most turn to transcription services to get the job done. When you hire DoctorDocs medicaltranscription services, you are hiring a company that has professionally trained staff who has taken the necessary courses to become certified in the field. This is something you are not going to find in the secretarial pool in the hospital. Each transcriber has been tested to ensure that they can construct sentences using perfect grammar as well as written language skill.

They will have to prove that they can type with exceptional accuracy, with extreme attention to detail and are capable of proofreading their own work to make sure there are no mistakes. Besides having a staff of professional transcribers, most transcription services have people on staff who are there to proofread and edit every document before it is sent back to you. Not only are they checking for spelling and punctuation, they are also double checking everything for accuracy and in many cases will listen to your audio recording so that they can compare the written transcript to your original dictation to ensure that every detail is correct. In the medical field a single misspelled word or an incorrect use of medical terminology can be disastrous for the patient. This is the main reason why DoctorDocs MedicalĀ Transcription Services employ more than one layer of quality control. Outsourcing to foreign countries for medical transcriptions can also be a problem when those doing the work do not speak English as a first language; in cases like this some companies use US based editors to reduce the risk of inaccuracies that can cause serious medical problems.

Turnaround time is almost always critical in the medical field; you need to know that the information you dictated and sent in today is going to be ready for you to review the next day. Your patients count on you to be on top of every aspect of their medical care, if you have to wait days for medical transcription it can have a detrimental effect on the level of care you or the specialist you are sending them to can offer. The company you use needs to be able to provide you with overnight services so that there is no delay in your patient’s medical care. If you are looking for a company to handle your medical transcription quickly and accurately, you need to contact Doctor Docs. They offer guaranteed overnight service and will deliver all of your reports directly to the computer in your office. All services are 100% HIPAA compliant and fully encrypted to provide the highest level of privacy.

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