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    • To Form A Long Term Partnership With Our Clients!
    • Every New Client Comes With Special Needs And Our Goal Is To Meet Those Needs And Give Our Clients 100% Satisfaction!
    • Just Tell Us What You Need And How You Want It Done . . . There’s Only One Right Way… YOUR WAY!
    • We Offer The Very Best Quality Transcription Available Due To Our Exclusive 2 Step Process!
    • Our Typists And Editors Are Permanently Assigned To Clients So They Become Very Familiar With Their Dictators.

Every Single Document Is Re-Read By Our Top Skilled Editors While Listening To The Dictation To Ensure Your Work Is The Most Accurate Available Anywhere!

We Want to Improve Your Workflow and Efficiency

Using the IntraScript Online Transcription Server eliminates all the “downtime” of your work.  The downtime is the time your work is just sitting around in an FTP or someones desktop waiting to be completed, or simply waiting to be moved on to the next step or e-mailed back to the customer.  With real time tracking you can follow your work through our system.

As soon as you drop a file to be uploaded, or when you complete a dial-in dictation, your work is on the server and showing up in the Medical Transcriptionists In-Box.  As soon as the MT (Medical Tramscriptionist) finishes, it will appear in the Editors In-Box for final inspection.  When the editor releases the document, it will then be automatically sent to the online server and if you like, to the folder of your choice, onyour local computer.