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Medical Transcriptionists

As a medical services provider you generate reports on your patients on a daily basis, whether you are working in a hospital setting or have you own office. Recent changes in the laws now require that all medical records to be completely computerized for ease of access and transferability. This means that you are either going to have hire full timemedical transcriptionists or you need to find a service that can do the work for you. Using medical transcriptionists to create computerized copies of your dictated notes will make it much easier for your staff and other members of the medical community to be able to read what you said. If you work in a hospital setting you may find that the hospital already has a full time transcriptionist on staff, but if you have your own office or are in a small medical center there may not be enough in the budget to hire a full time transcriber.

Your secretarial staff already has enough on their plates just taking care of daily business; in most cases they do not have the time or the training it takes to do the best job. Medical transcriptionists are people who have attended classes and been properly trained. In these courses they learn about medical terminology and phraseology to enable them to transcribe more than what they hear, in many cases a transcriptionist will have to be able to work with short notes and be able to convert them into a full document as a permanent part of the patients medical records. There are different ways you can go about hiring medical transcriptionists, you can put an advertisement in your local paper, which is not recommended or you can look online. If you choose to look online you will find that there are literally thousands of pages in the search engines listing companies who offer these services. Trying to comb through all of these listings can be very time consuming and confusing. To cut down on the confusion you need to have a basic idea of the type of service you are looking for and what you expect to get in return for your money.

In order to ensure that you get top quality service you need to look beyond cost and not look for the lowest priced service, but at the same time you do not have to hire the most expensive service you can find. Medical transcriptionists know that they are in a highly competitive field which helps to keep most prices in a narrow range. You need instead to be looking at the services they offer for the price they charge. Do they offer overnight service, archive your files and are they accessible from anywhere that you can find a phone or online connection? If you are looking for a company that can offer medical transcriptionists who fit these requirements, look no further than Doctor Docs. With 24 hour staffing seven days a week you will never have to wait for your documents no matter where you are and quality is 100% guaranteed.

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