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Medical Transcription ServiceFinding the right medical transcription service to meet the needs of your facility is not always easy to do. Outsourcing to a foreign country can lead to disastrous results, but there is a critical shortage of transcriptionists in the US.

If you’ve been doing battle with a medical transcription service that delivers less than desirable results to your facility, it’s time to consider what DoctorDocs can do for you. Your patients’ records are crucial to the care that they receive; that’s why transcriptions must be accurate to the point that they are near-perfect every time. The problem is, most transcriptionists lack the skills necessary to provide medical facilities with what they need.

DoctorDocs employs multi-level checking so that an occasional mistake can get picked up and corrected before it ever lands in your staff’s hands. They are more accurate than almost any other medical transcription service out there because accuracy is their number one goal. Every document is typed by an experienced, client-assigned team with their own team leader and QA. Next, the file is released to the editing queue, where an editor reads every document while listening to the full audio file.

Clients appreciate DoctorDocs’ medical transcription service at just 9.9 cents per line! Their new online dictation server from IntraScript offers some very unique benefits that include:

- Easy integration with even the most sophisticated EMR and hospital systems
- Fully HIPAA compliant, HL7 ready and speech recognition enhanced
- Automatically delivers completed transcriptions to your PC or printer
- Allows your staff to review, edit and e-sign transcriptions from any PC, anywhere
- Automatically routes transcriptions by doctor, facility or report type
- Tracks line counts and creates invoices automatically
- Provides real time management and productivity reports
- Offers a built-in template builder

DoctorDocs offers smarter technology and delivers medical transcription service that better meets the needs of your facility. If you’ve been dealing with a transcription company that makes you feel as though they’re holding your completed files as hostage, you’re going to love that DoctorDocs allows you to access the results right away. As an automated system, your completed and downloaded digital dictation file will be sent directly to DoctorDocs’ server for transcribing. Once there, you can watch the progress in realtime.

A premier HIPAA requirement is that electronic transfer of patient information is secure. IntraScript technology is certified to be secure by VeriSign, and their medical transcription service technology incorporates a 128-bit encryption algorithm to further ensure private and secure transmission of data.

Now you can retrieve and store your patient files securely, privately and confidentially online for easy 24/7 access. Search, retrieve and edit files as necessary, with each new version automatically stored as well as the original.

If you’d like to learn more about what DoctorDocs’ medical transcription service can do for your facility, please call 877-342-5236 and let one of their experts answer your questions. You’re going to love working with a company that puts your results first- every time. Medical Transcription Service