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Medical Transcription ProviderAre you looking for a medical transcription provider who can help you get EMR ready? Soon, Federal law will require that every facility uses EMR. If your facility has been putting off becoming familiar with using electronic medical records, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t call DoctorDocs.

In the past few years, DoctorDocs has taken a number of essential steps to modernize and automate their services to better meet the needs of the medical industry that is leaning toward newer technology. In doing so, they have invested a lot of money along the way. DoctorDocs now boasts a state-of-the-art HIPAA compliant, secure, online server from IntraScript. Employing DoctorDocs means your facility can fully access and track your work 24/7.

With DoctorDocs, you’ll have access to a wide ray of dictation options that include cell phone, tablet, computer and more. In order to meet with HIPAA and HITECH’s requirements, flexible roll based security and detailed auditing is employed. The benefits are clear:

- Automated workflow
- Flexible billing and payments
- Centralized advanced tempting and normals
- Detailed reporting
- Voice recognition
- Electronic signature
- Sub contractor module
- Referring physician module
- Client QA module
- EMR Lite module
- Facility level data mining
- Automated alerts

You’ll enjoy dynamic rule-based delivery options for electronic files, EMRs, fax, PACs and coding systems. Your staff can access the online server via the free I-Client software and upload audio files from your digital recorder with a single click of the mouse! As well, they can automatically check for and download documents in a Microsoft Word format the moment they are completed. This eliminates the time spent waiting for your medical transcription provider to decide it’s time to send you your documents.

Easily access any audio file from the server if you want to hear what the medical transcription provider is hearing. Track your work, edit, fax, e-sign, download and even email your documents any time of the day or night from any computer, putting workflow control at your facility’s fingertips.

State-of-the-art equipment is only part of the equation. DoctorDocs would not be able to deliver high quality results without their extremely reliable and highly motivated staff. They take great pride in their always available customer service and certified transcriptionists who aim to deliver work that meets the standards of your facility.

It’s not always easy choosing a medical transcription provider. When looking at companies, consider not only your present needs, but the future needs of your facility. If you’re not already EMR compliant, you will need to be very soon to satisfy Federal law. DoctorDocs can help you get up to speed with technology so that when the time comes, you’ll fully meet with all of the requirements requested of you.

For more information, call the medical transcription provider that is able to deliver what you need, when you need it. DoctorDocs offers a lot of flexibility and unmatched accuracy. Call 877-342-5236 now to speak with an expert who can answer your questions. Medical Transcription Provider