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Medical Transcription Companies

When looking for the right medical transcription companies to do business a doctor working on his own, or as manager of a clinic can have difficulty making a decision. Naturally, a main criteria is too look at the price, or more important the price per line, but this doesn't tell the whole story about medical transcription companies. Neither does it answer all the questions the person needing a transcriber have regarding whether the needs of he office or clinic will be met.

On the list of questions to ask the company or find out from their website is how long they have been in business. There are many medical transcription companies popping up every day despite the fact that the concept is a relatively new one. When looking for someone trustworthy finding it is important to consider that while their might technically be able to cover your needs these newer medical transcription might find themselves in a time crunch trying to meet the office's needs along with other clients. If the length of time doesn't appear on the site than ask. It is possible that the company while not in business long does have associations or staff members who are uniquely qualified to help you.

Look not only at the prices of the various medical transcription companies, but also find out how they bill. If it is in fact line by line, make sure there are never any exceptions or fine print about this practice. For example does the company charge more if requests are made at times other than normal business hours. Avoid those medical transcription companies that charge per minute this means that even during gaps in speech by the doctor while thoughts are being collected the service is still charging.

Make sure that medical transcription companies considered have a web-based system, but make sure their systems are secure. Having the ability to recover information or have documents delivered online is cost saving and should be a requirement of any service you find. At the same time, there should always be a part of the service dedicated to security. Most medical transcription companies are aware of the risk of hacking or other issues and if there is no indication on the site regarding security messages then this is another question to pose before using the service.

When you are looking at medical transcription companies, understand from the beginning how reports are audited. Most sites such as Doctor Docs have information regarding reports listed on their sites, and this is the type of information needed to develop a long-term trust in a company. This is an important indication that the medical transcription companies have faith in their own ability to hold to standards of quality. QA checks and proofreading should be a part of any service. Companies should have a policy regarding printing reports, or issues such as foreign accents. Look for companies that also are up front about service agreements, and how long contract are before asking you to sign.

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