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Medical Transcription

When you need RELAIBLE AND ACCURATE MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION SERVICES, count on DoctorDocs to deliver. After nearly 20 years of service, DoctorDocs is STILL the most affordable, reliable solution you can find.

In today’s fast-paced industry, new technology has brought with it benefits and drawbacks. You may have recently dealt with a transcription company that delivered less-than-desirable results. It can be difficult to find a medical transcription provider that can turn in quality work day after day. DoctorDocs has gained the trust of health and medical organizations and professionals by providing accurate, complete, high quality and fast medical transcription services.

Your facility may have been wondering what voice to text technology could do for you but most doctors and nurses who have tried to use voice recognition find it frustrating to use for several reasons: The edits take almost as much time as typing manually, and the act of re-learning how to speak to the technology is time-consuming.

It’s going to be some years yet before voice recognition has reached the stage where it can truly serve the medical industry, mainly due to the many dictation styles and accents not to mention the importance of keeping and maintaining accurate records and medical transcription.

Until that time, DoctorDocs will continue serving the community.

Finally, we are a transcription service that aims to deliver to the standards you’re looking for. At DoctorDocs, their professionally-trained staff has taken the necessary courses to become certified in the field, which is something you’re not going to find in most other places, particularly in the secretarial pool where you work.

Transcribers at DoctorDocs have been tested for perfect grammar and language skills, pharmacology, and anatomy ensuring they are able to type with exceptional accuracy, with extreme attention to detail and capable of proofreading their own work to ensure no mistakes. DoctorDocs employs multiple layers of quality control, by doing the bulk of the typing at night and doing editing in the mornings. This two step process ensures that mistakes can be picked up before they are delivered.

Call DoctorDocs at 954-545-0446 for more information about our exceptional service or visit us online at, where you can learn more about their services and about the company. You’ll be glad you hired the company more medical facilities count on when accuracy matters.

To speak with a specialist from DoctorDocs, feel free to call and have all of your questions answered. Your patients’ medical records are vital to their well-being. Make sure they are transcribed with the utmost accuracy.

Medical Transcription