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IntraScript Your EMR and Online Transcription Solution

Workflow Automation and Job Routing
• Real time summaries of workflow and job status
• Automatically print to multiple remote locations, write and edit dynamic rules without ever going onsite
• Local administrator controls automated job routing and user access
• Prioritize jobs, resources and invoice accordingly
• Automatically send jobs to QA by work type, QA Sampling and MT status
• Automatically forward transcriptions and attachments to referring physicians and further expand your reach organically
• Electronic signatures for online document processing
• Intelligent document search and retrieval
• Review, edit and electronically sign reports securely online from anywhere
• Client QA to automate and manage internal staff review or research
• Attach images to transcriptions
• Access voice files and text files simultaneously with MT’s for trouble shooting and QA

Detailed Productivity Reports
• Detailed TAT, aging and auditing
• Audit user and dictation activity, job detail and user access in real time
• User activity productivity reports

Integration with Other Software and Equipment
• We have the most flexible platform anywhere and have implemented interfaces with hundreds of systems
from dictation servers to advanced EMR(s)

Invoicing and Cost Management
• Automatic invoicing with job detail
• Invoice summaries and histories
• MT payment tracking
• User cost reports and invoicing histories
• Track MT activity and cost
• Track physician activity and costs

Grow Your Business Without Adding Overhead
• Add new users without cost
• Add and manage users quickly, from anywhere
• Setup new clients over the telephone within minutes

• Support within minutes, not days
• 24/7 critical support

HIPAA Compliant
• 2048-bit encryption
• Multiple security roles


Intrascript is a wonderful company to work with!  Their customer service is quick to respond (usually within an hour or two), knowledgeable, and pleasant!  My clients who have worked with Intrascript on a one-to-one basis always tell me how professional and helpful the Intrascript staff is.  Medical Transcription is a service oriented business and Intrascript supports us whenever and wherever we need it!  Thanks Intrascript!  
–Debbie Doan, Electronic Secretary, Denver, Colorado

Technically Speaking…

Advanced Technology, Amazing Results
With our software, you don’t have to know a lot about technology. With just a few clicks, you can manage the entire transcription process from any computer with a web connection.


The entire transcription process is managed from one site that you control.  If you have questions, our customer service department is ready to help in just minutes.
The Technology Behind it All
Our standards based “data hub” design gives us the ability to adapt to specific operational environments with minimal or no costs.  Since we use SQL and XML we are not tied to any legacy or proprietary protocols, giving us tremendous flexibility and advantage over our competitors.  Intrascript can capture voice files from virtually any existing dictation server and seamlessly import them into our platform for fast, automatic file capture and delivery.

Integration with other software from various EMR and scheduling systems to PACS and Coding systems.

Example Interfaces (not all inclusive)
•  Standard and non-standard HL7 v2.3 and newer port-to-port network exchange
•  Softmed Systems, Inc CharScript (r) v8.2 unstructured templates MS Word
•  Meditech HL7 to transcription vendor v2.3 or newer
•  Allscripts, HMS, GE Logiscian, EPIC and Kaiser Medical Group
•  XML and web services (WDSL)
•  Custom ASCII file parsing for patient demographic data (ADT)
•  XML standard allows interfacing with virtually all software
•  Patient demographics are captured and used to pre populate reports

Relevant Features of IntraScript Medical Transcription Software Service
•  Role-based security
•  Account lock after three unsuccessful login attempts. Source IP address is recorded
•  Activity-based auditing
•  Automatic document version control – all versions are tracked and maintained
•  2048-bit SSL communications

Tiered Architecture
• Web Servers manage user interface
• Data Servers store confidential information and reports and have no internet access
• NAS (network attached storage) Servers store voice files using terabyte arrays.  No internet access
• Real time replication of files for data availability and enhanced performance.  Real time availability of voice files
• Formal Disaster Recovery Plan

Security and Data Protection
• Dell servers are in secure data center with three physical levels of security
• Redundant servers are backed up every 15 minutes
• Each server has redundant components
• 24/7 guarded data center facilities with restricted access
• Redundant Tier 1 Internet providers with UPS and power generators
• Cisco PIX firewall security

Minimum Computer Requirements
• Microsoft(r)Windows 2000 or newer (Recommended Microsoft patches)
•  1 ghz CPU with 512 MB RAM
•  1 GB free disk space (dependent on voice upload retention policy)
•  Internet connection (high speed preferred)
Our hospitals bought an extremely sophisticated EMR package to service all our campuses. The Intrascript crew knew what they were doing and the integration was done in no time, and at about half the cost of other vendors.
— Sandra Schmitt, Hospital Transcription Coordinator