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Epilepsy App

Making Life Easier with Smartwatch’s Epilepsy App

Although grandpa is quick to remind you about the good old days living in the 21st century does have its advantages. Thanks to a new epilepsy app by Smartwatch you can take back some control.

What does an Epilepsy App Do?

The World Health Organization estimated over 3.4 million people suffering from epilepsy in the united states. Roughly 1 in 10 people in the US have been diagnosed with epilepsy. The new app by SmartWatch in combination the smartwatch can detect when users are experiencing a seizure and notify loved ones, and caregivers.

Along with detecting seizures, the app monitors the user’s heart rate, sleep,  and physical activity.  The app, when paired with one of Smartwatch’s sleek looking devices, comes with a help button as well. The help button instantly notifies parents or others that the user is in trouble. 

Along with the call for help, the app will send the user location helping parents, caregivers or first responders get there that much quicker, and as any parent knows with seizures every second count.  The app works perfectly for younger children and adults of all ages.

What Does a Seizure Watch do?

Seizure watches take advantage of the new wave of wearable technology.  Smartwatch’s seizure detection watch uses an accelerometer, and sophisticated algorithms to help detected when a user is experiencing a seizure.

 The popularity of Apple watches, Garmin watches, Fit bits, etc.  allows SmartWatch to blend right in.  With several sleek designs, and colors there is a style to match your own.   The SmartWatch has a battery life of 16 hours when it is continuously monitoring.

Thanks to the stop monitor feature a user can easily extend the battery life of the watch.  The stop monitoring feature is great when the user is with friends or family who can help in the event of a seizure.

Who Can Use the Epilepsy App?

Smartwatch has designed and programmed their apps to fit user of all ages and walks of life.  Thanks to the automatic seizure detection technology it requires very little input from the user to work well.  The smartwatch is excellent for use in hospitals as well.

Once the watch is set up, it requires very little attention afterword. It will automatically alert a doctor or nurse if the patient is having a seizure. 

The watch will need to be plugged in once per day to charge, but thanks to extended charging chords the watch doesn’t have to be removed. The use of Smart Watches in a hospital can help take some of the stress off continuously watching patients who suffer from recurrent seizures — giving doctors and nurses more time to work on a solution.

Nursing homes will benefit from the use of Smartwatch as well. Equipped with a help button, the SmartWatch is perfect for elderly patients suffering from seizures and want to maintain a more independent lifestyle. A nurse or caregiver can make sure the watch is charged every night while the patient sleeps.

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