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What is the Difference Between an Electronic Medical Record and Electronic Health Record  

What is an EMR? (Electronic Medical Record)

  • An Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is a digital version of a paper chart that contains all of a patient’s medical history from one individual practice.  
  • This is the medical data or clinical information accumulated by an individual physician on one or more visits.  
  • This information would be added to your EHR.

What is an EHR? (Electronic Health Record)

  • An EHR is ALL the individual reports (EMRs) compiled into one complete record.  Your Electronic Health Record!!
  • An EHR is more than the data collected in a single provider’s office.  It is all the accumulated data from all providers and is a much more complete patient history.
  • EHRs are designed to gather and share medical information from all a patient’s physicians involved in their care.
  • EHR information is created, viewed and managed, by all authorized doctors and staffs from across all health care providers.
  • EHRs will follow a patient wherever they go, so other health care providers such as specialistas, hospitals, even nursing homes can have access to this important information.


Why Electronic Medical Records?

An EMR is so much better than paper records because:

  • All patient information is gathered together in one place for easy access
  • Track vaccinations, allergies and family histories for preventive healthcare and screenings
  • Before the only way to share records was to deliver paper reports to all interested parties.  Now there will be ONE PLACE with ALL your medical records that can be accessed by all medical proffesionals.


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