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Dictation Service

If you are in the medical field your life is already hectic enough without having to try and find the time to transcribe your own digitally recorded notes at the end of the day. For most doctors the amount of time they have left at the end of a shift is barely enough to catch a few hours sleep before they have to be back on duty. The only way around this problem is to hire a dictation service to take care of the day's notes and make sure they are ready to be placed in the patients records. The best way to think of dictation services is as your silent business partner, their job is to make sure that the notes you make during the day are typed up and ready to go by the next day.

This is the only way you are going to be able to continue to provide all of your patients with the level of care they have come to expect. If you have to spend half of your time taking care of your own notes, this is time that you do not get to spend with your patients taking care of them or with your family at night. When you are looking for adictation service there are several things that you should be looking for. Turnaround time is critical in many cases and if the service you are looking at cannot provide you with access to overnight turnaround time when you need it, you should consider looking for another company. Most services now offer 24 hour staffing to take care of your needs no matter what time of day it is. Complete understanding of medical terminology is a must; with so many medical terms sounding like each other the need for absolute accuracy is vital. One misspelled or misunderstood term can spell disaster for a patient. To ensure accuracy choose a service whose staff have received extensive training in medical terminology and speak English as a first language if possible, this will help to cut down on the possibility of mistake. They should also offer editing and proofreading services on every document they create to further guarantee accuracy. The dictation service you hire should maintain a sufficient level of staffing to cover your needs at all times.

There are smaller companies out there that only have limited resources available to them; as long as they stay small most of them can handle their workload. However, when business begins to build you may find yourself waiting in line for your documents; turning to a larger company who has access to a large staff of transcribers may not be quiet as economical but can pay off with far better service. If you find yourself looking for a top of the line dictation service that has a fully trained professional staff ready to handle your every need, look no further than Doctor Docs. Not only can they work directly from called in dictation but you can download your audio files via the internet and retrieve your files the same way. They offer top of the line services for medical professionals around the globe.

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