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9.9 cents per gross line (long or short), Courier New 12 point font, billed once per month, or according to your preference. Volume discounts will be considered for busier clinics.

Also available: 65-character line pricing. Call for details.

We feel that once you try us, you’re never going to leave, so there’s no need for a long-term contract unless, of course, you desire one.

  • Our Basic Dial-up Service… The easiest most reliable way to get it done!
  • Digital Hand-Held Recorders… Carry it with you and dictate throughout the day!
  • Use Your I-Phone or Android and Upload Files With The Touch of a Button


For dial-in dictation, you simply call, enter your password and dictate. Press two to record, three to rewind-etc.  The voice files (which are recorded digitally) are then sent to our night-shift typists. The next afternoon, documents are proofread, lines counted and reports are delivered to your computer.  Since you will have the report file delivered right to your computer, you can then print the report right up–and the report will stay forever on your computer to retrieve for reprints, etc.

The advantage of dial-up is that once you hang up, the voice file is in our office, ready to be typed. You don’t have to deliver the recording. Of course, you must dictate from a reliable phone.

Hand-held digital recorders are a little different. Many recorders has a little card in it (like in the cameras) and at the end of the day you must upload the recordings to your computer, then move the audio file with your mouse to the Upload Folder where it will be picked up by the I-Client encrypted with 128 bit encryption and sent to our online server for transcribing.

The obvious advantage to hand-held recorders is portability, but your staff must upload voice files at the end of the day–so there’s an extra step. These digital handheld recorders can record many hours at a time. Also, with many digital recorders you can drop one card off with your secretary to be uploaded while you dictate the next day’s work on another card–so your tape recorder isn’t tied up in the delivery process. Once the handheld voice files are uploaded, delivery time back to your office is the same as though you dialed it in–usually the next day.

Save by Buying Blocks of Trascription!

One of DoctorDocs biggest problems is tracking our accounts receivables and doing collections.  Many accounts run slow with payments causing us to struggle to maintain payments to our vendors and to be on time with our own payroll.  The medical Transcription business is a people business and it is a labor intensive field, so we must maintain a mentally healthy and happy staff, and the best way to do that is with good pay, delivered on-time.  We are willing to offer some very deep discounts to clients looking to save money by prepaying for their lines.  Help us eliminate some of the collection expenses by prepaying for our services.

We will offer prepayment discounts to any existing accounts as well.

Save 10%!

When you prepay for a block of 5,000 lines for only $445. (Regular price $495) (Based on our normal line pricing of .099 per gross line)

Save Almost 15%!

When you prepay for a block of 10,000 lines for only $850 (Regular Price $990.00)   (Based on our normal line pricing of .099 per gross line)

Call Us for Any Questions about Our Prepayment Discounts!



Need Medical Transcription Service?

Just call DoctorDocs for Fast Reliable Service For All Your Medical Transcription needs. Our Services Includes:
  • Instant electronic pickups and deliveries of your medical transcription around the globe.
  • Immediate Editing and Reprints of Your Medical Transcription.
  • State of the Art Online Medical Transcription Platform by IntraScript
  • Access All of Your Medical Transcription Online 24/7 Including Audio Files
  • Edit your Work Online 24/7
  • Fax Medical Transcription Anywhere Nationwide, Right From the Web Site
  • Track Your Work in Real Time
  • Electronic Signatures Can be Added to Your Medical Transcription
  • Load a Medical Report From the Website Directly into Word.
  • Medical Transcription reports Can Be Printed Directly in Your Office.
  • 24/7 Transcriptionists for Fast Turnaround for all your Medical Transcription
  • Dial-up dictation services or Hand-held Digital Recorders or even Smart Phones can be used.
  • You can also keep track of your Medical Transcription reports in REAL TIME!
  • Secure and HIPAA Compliant
  • Medical Transcription Template Options
  • International Accents
  • Foreign Accents