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Beverly Hills Holistic Addiction Treatment

Patients can turn to 90210 Recovery for the best Beverly Hills holistic addiction treatment options. Once someone comes to terms with the fact that they have a problem with alcohol or drug abuse, the first step is to seek help at one of the many local treatment centers in Beverly Hills. Even if you don’t turn to the capable team at 90210, those suffering from addiction are encouraged to reach out to a facility to get the help they need.

 Admittance is the hardest step in any addiction treatment, but it is also a positive launch in the right direction. Holistic drug rehab can offer a multitude of options for patients looking to break the chains of addiction. Holistic is a word that has become popular among California residents, but not many patients can tell you what it means.

Holistic treatment involves treating the body, mind, and spirit to achieve inner peace and wellbeing. Not all drug alcohol rehab centers offer such cutting edge care, as it is a fairly new therapy option.

Aligning the Mind, Body, and Spirit

At our Beverly Hills inpatient treatment facility, we cater to all patients in a unique way. Our strategies involve addressing the root of addiction and any underlying or untreated co-existing mental illnesses. Through creative writing, art therapy, and psychiatry, patients are able to achieve success without relying on conventional treatments or remedies.

As one of the best Beverly Hills medical detox treatment centers, we offer fitness therapy, meditation, and musical therapy. At 90210 Recovery, our techniques not only focus on achieving sobriety, but they also remold patients into the people they were before addiction took control of their lives. The goal of holistic healing is to manage addiction while still treating the soul of the person within the disease.

Starting the Treatment Process

You shouldn’t delay seeking help once you have come to terms with your addiction. The holistic offerings you can benefit from at 90210 Recovery can include yoga and kickboxing for the body. Family and individual therapies are offered to treat the mind, and mediation is available to address the spirit and sense of self. Catering to all aspects of a patient’s mental and physical health creates the ideal environment for them to thrive, flourish, and grow.

Some patients may benefit from medication therapies, but not all clients do qualify. Medication therapies are useful when treating patients battling dual diagnoses.  Our detoxification medical facility is fully prepared to help patients detox from drugs or alcohol. The medical team does everything in its power to make patients comfortable and safe. In certain circumstances, special medications may be provided to patients.

Reviewing Your Treatment Options

If you or a loved one is currently battling active addiction, our team at 90210 Recovery can offer help. Reach us by clicking here or by calling our addiction specialists at 1-844-462-8571. Our staff can answer your questions and review holistic treatment options that you may benefit from. At 90210 Recovery, we are one of the leading providers of holistic rehab treatment in Beverly Hills and the surrounding areas.

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